Greetings Colleagues and HRE Act Supporters,

After months of production, we’re pleased to share Sustainable Conservation’s Habitat Restoration and Enhancement (HRE) Act outreach video which highlights the first project approved under the HRE Act.

Through outreach at conferences, day to day permit consultations, and by collaborating with DFW Headquarters and Regional Offices on implementation of the Act we are hoping to make both project applicants and agency staff more familiar with the new program. In addition, we hope this video will generate interest in and awareness of this excellent new opportunity for voluntary habitat restoration project approval from DFW. The video highlights DFW Director Chuck Bonham’s support of the HRE Act and the Department’s desire to partner with landowners to get more restoration done. The video also features Assemblymember Rich Gordon (author of the Act), South Coast Habitat Restoration (the first applicant to use the program) and Sustainable Conservation (sponsor of the Act).

Chuck BonhamCalifornia Department of Fish & Wildlife Director, Chuck Bonham, discusses his support of the Sustainable Conservation-sponsored Habitat Restoration & Enhancement Act passed in 2014. Watch the video.
We’re hopeful the video will generate a great deal of interest on the part of California’s restoration community to utilize the HRE Act in accelerating much-needed restoration throughout California. Please feel welcome to share this video with any audience you feel might benefit from seeing it.