Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs), once known as Soil Conservation Districts, are “special districts” of the state of California, set up under California law to be locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed, independent boards of directors. Although RCDs are established locally by the rules of a county’s Local Agency Formation Committee (LAFCO), and they often have close ties to county government, they are not county government entities.


The Ventura County Resource Conservation District [VCRCD] is a special district of the state and is primarily funded by grants. We provide assistance to help both rural and urban communities to conserve, protect, and restore natural resources.

The Ventura County RCD is a local unit of government and is administered under the provisions of Division 9, of the Public Resource Code, State of California. The VCRCD is one of 99 RCDs in CA and belongs to the California Association of RCDs (CARCD).

The VCRCD is governed by a Board of seven Directors appointed for four-year terms. Directors must be landowners or agents of landowners residing within the District. Regular Directors Meetings are held at 8:30 AM on the third Wednesday of each month except August and December, which have no meetings.