VC RCD Programs

The RCD offers free irrigation evaluations and cost share to producers in Ventura County. This program is part of the RCD’s efforts to assist landowners & producers with water efficiency & water quality issues.

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The RCD provides a complimentary comprehensive walk-through of a horse or livestock property, resulting in recommendations for implementation of BMP’s. We also assist property owners with addressing LA Regional Water Quality Control Board regulations.

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Removal of Arundo Donax (Giant Reed) and Tamarisk in the Calleguas Creek and Santa Clara River Watersheds is now easier since the RCD holds necessary permits to perform removal work in these watersheds. Anyone can use these permits.

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Resource Development Coordinator Position Description

The Ventura County Resource Conservation District (VCRCD) is seeking a Resource Development Coordinator. Qualifications for this position can be found in the following announcement. This position will remain open until filled. Posted July 1 2018.

Resource Development Coordinator Position Description

Assisting rural and urban communities to conserve, protect, and restore natural resources.